Wednesday 11 April 2018

How to kill infantry effectively?

Switching from 7th edition our army got a lot worse at killing most infantry units. Our main weapon - splinter - at least had that AP6 (negating 6+ save, for those that were not arround at that time). Changes to how wounding works now kinda negated the advantage of flat 4+ wounding aswell.

With point reductions, changes to Shredder, as well as Splinter Racks coming back from the dead we gained some much needed help.

I've divided the targets into 5 categories: GEQ (Guardsmen equivalent), MEQ (Marine equivalent), TEQ (Terminator equivalent), Poxwalker (with its 5+++) and a Sister (which represents all that T3Sv3+ infantry).
I calculated average damage (as usual per 100pts spend on a unit). I assumed that you are in Rapidfire range when it mattered.

For some units an obsession makes a difference - that is what all that FS (Flayed Skulls) and PT (Poisoned tongue) means, in case you were not sure :D

As the results show us, Mandrakes are the best unit against high-save opponents (thanks to their AP and mortal wounds). When it comes to shooting at low T targets Shredders do shine. Having that 35/36 (97,2%) wounding chance and AP-1 is priceless.
Splinter racks, altough they change dmg output significantly they still do not bring as much pain as I would hope them to.

Webwaying Kabalites blob (especially PT) or Footslogging (recommending Obsidian Rose for that extra range) are one of the most efficient buys you might have. They are great at killing low save targets and are not bad against 3+. We have to remember tho that they ain't gonna survive long without a Vehicle that protects them.

Thanks for reading and I hope that your enemies are gonna scream louder than ever.

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