Wednesday 18 April 2018

Lhamaeans, Incubi and Grotesques - killing tough targets in melee.

Hey guys!

The new Lhamaean look really solid. They are cheap and killy - the downside is that they are really fragile (and give up Kill points easily) as a 1 man unit that is not a CHARACTER
With an Archon nearby + if you are Poisoned Tounge or BH with Muse a single Poison-lady can deals avg 1,61 dmg against a MEQ.

Her weapon is really complicated as it is rolled differently, depending on whether the target is a Vehicle, a Non-titanic non-vehicle or non-vehicle titanic unit.
The graph shows how do you roll for wounds depending on the target

I did a comparision between 5 Incubi (including having a Klaivex with Index Demiklaives), 3 Grotesques (the combined option shows the best weapon's dmg) and a Lhamaean. The avg damage dealt has been adjeusted to point cost - as I always do (divided by point cost and multiplied by 100).
Here are the results

Well, Lhamaean are the new Incubi - as long as you do not play for kill points. A 8 man "unit" kills 8 marines and if near an Archon with re-roll wounds buff almost 13 MEQ. That is crazy for 15 pts/model.
When fighting anything but Vehicle Lhamaean shine. Incubi beat Grotesques but are definitely more resistant to high ap weapons.

It was a short post, but I hope you liked. Have a nice day!

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