Sunday 15 April 2018

Which Wych is the wychest

All the posts I put out so far were about Kabals/Mercenaries. Time to change it. We are gonna look at the Wyches - weaponry and drugs.


As in my killing infantry post I did the calculations for 5 types of targets. Gonna quickly remind:  GEQ (Guardsmen equivalent), MEQ (Marine equivalent), TEQ (Terminator equivalent), Poxwalker (with its 5+++) and a Sister (which represents all that T3Sv3+ infantry)

Every column has been split into 4. Why? Because we are either in turn 1-2 or 3+ and/or get reroll of 1's from Succubus. So, the first cells are counted for the wyches without Succubus's influence turn 1-2, the 2nd with Succubus turn 1-2, 3rd without Succubus turn 3+ and last but not least, the 4th with Succubus turn 3+. Furthermore I adjusted it to point cost (8pts + weapon's cost) and in TEQ column I divided all by 2 as those guys have 2 wounds (except for impaler as it does 2dmg)

In the index HG were always better than Razorflails. Now, with the buffs to the latter it wins when fighting T3 targets and even TEQ in turns 1 and 2. Shardnet & impaler are not cost efficient against anything but TEQ (and presumably Primaris) but it is their additional effect that is really doing work (we are gonna talk about it later).

Obsessions, drugs and rock'n'roll

In the table below you will see the effects of +1A and +1S drug (I do not really consider taking WS drug - it works only if you do not pland your wyches to survive till 3rd turn ;3)
I combined it with +1A and +1S obsessions, to see which of those combinations works the best.
On the left you see % increase in kills/10pts spend. 
GEQ: As you can see +1A and +1S drug makes no difference for a basic Wych - in both cases the avg damage is increased by 33%. Taking +1A is better tho for our special weapons - except for razorflails which preffer extra S. 
Out of the combinations the clear winner is a mix of +1A and +1S - except for HG in which case you rather take +2A
MEQ: Here +1S drug wins the competition - there is no doubt. It increases avg damage by up to 50%. 
When it comes to drug&obsession choice you'd again go for a +1S +1A mix - but this time razorflails are the exception, they benefit greatly from +2S

You cannot run

Shardet & impaler is great but not thanks to its damage output. It almost ensures that noone can except the combat. What are the odds of us winning a d6 vs d3 roll of? 
$ 1 - \frac{3}{18} = 83,33 $% because in case of a draw they cannot escape.
What is interesting is that it does not only work against wych's targets. If there was a Succubus next to a wych with S&I the opponent would need to win 2 rollofs to escape the fight. $ 1 -{(\frac{3}{18})}^{2} = 97,22 $%. Take that CWE!

Hope you guys found that interesting. Good luck in the arena!

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